The most common question I have received over the years is what is my favourite band from Africa? Yet, this has proven to be the most difficult question I can answer, because so many are so good, and I have become a fan of so many that putting one over the rest is nearly impossible. So when Huck asked me to write-up 10, I once again found myself with the difficulty of answering this request simply—“just 10?” So, here is a sampling of acts done my way: a list of 13! Just a sampling of bands that can hopefully lead you to not only enjoy some good new music, but also take a deeper dive into Africa’s incredible metal scenes.


Irony Destroyed (Kenya): Some cool new music from this long-running band that is finally getting set to release a new album, Rebirth on October 22. 


Duma (Kenya): Duma, this is just flat-out weird and incredibly badass. 


Dividing the Element (Zimbabwe): So you think being in a metal band in your hometown is difficult? Try being a metal band in one of the more repressive states on the planet. This band has taken everything that makes their country’s musical identity wonderful and wrapped into a brilliant full length. I guarantee you will get these songs stuck in your head for a while! 


Demorogoth Satanum (South Africa): It’s only one song, but it is wonderful. This Soweto-based  band has become a “must see” band in the South African scene for good reason. Hopefully we get more music from them soon! 

Wrust (Botswana): Classic groove metal band from Gaborone. 

Overthrust (Botswana): No list would be complete without this venerated band. This is death metal fury at its best. 

Metal Orizon (Botswana) : Botswana’s first metal band, “The Kings of Africa!”

Arka’n Asrafokor (Togo): This fast rising quintet is going places for a reason. 

Znous (Tunisia): A hardcore band whose music has placed them under the government’s watchful eye. Their music is one of a kind and truly badass. Show this band some love and support. 

Arcana XXII (Namibia): Long-running and influential metal band that flat out kicks ass.  

Deadline (South Africa): Seriously, I can’t stop listening! 

Skinflint (Botswana): This band should be played at full volume; no excuses! 

Facing the Gallows (South Africa): This band is so good!