As a curator, Hans Ulrich Obrist knows a thing or two about how things fit together. Connecting people, he says, leads to creativity.

Huck’s Fiftieth Special collects lessons learned and creative advice from fifty of the most inspiring people we know. Each day we’ll be sharing a new excerpt from the magazine. Today, we hear from curator and art historian Hans Ulrich Obrist on how connecting people leads to creativity.


#11 – Hans Ulrich Obrist

Hans Ulrich Obrist spent his teens travelling across Europe, sleeping on overnight trains and meeting every member of every art scene he came across. Along the way, he added so many business cards to his leather-bound address book that it wouldn’t hold together. When computers revolutionised the way he kept contacts, Obrist dispensed with the old book and threw himself into the digital age, but the concept hasn’t changed – when people are connected, creativity is sparked.

“The cyber introductions didn’t come out of the blue; I would connect people I met. I would connect someone I met on my travels with someone in another city when I would see a pattern. They’d be interested in the same thing. I always believed if you brought people together lots of things could happen.”

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