Sin City director Robert Rodriguez wants you to help him make a badass new film.

Sin City director Robert Rodriguez wants you to help him make a badass new film.

The movie industry used to be an exclusive party for an elite few. And although cheaper technology and an open-source mentality has wedged a foot in the door to Hollywood, getting any kind of recognition is still an uphill struggle.

But a new project from badass filmmaker Robert Rodriguez is attempting to build bridges between the establishment and the wider creative community. The kamikaze mind behind Sin City and Spy Kids has teamed up with BlackBerry for a user-generated movie-make-a-thon in March and April called Two Scoops. In short, it’s a semi-scripted film of three acts that invites YOU to have a say in each step of the artistic process.

The comic-book thriller is centred on two lead protagonists, teenage twins Lola and Lucia, who run an ice-cream truck in a town where people are being abducted by an unknown ‘thing’ – and they just so happen to be monster hunters in their free time.

There will be several ways to participate in the project as the film progresses and submissions will be hosted on the Keep Moving Projects website for the world to see.

Wanna be a part of Two Scoops?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting updates on how you can play a part in the making of Two Scoops – as extras and bringers-of-ideas.

Act One: Download a script from the Keep Moving Projects website, film yourself acting it out and share a link to your YouTube clip back on the site for your chance to win a starring role.

*Update April 17: Submissions are now closed but stay tuned for more documentaries from Robert Rodriguez and BlackBerry, as well as the release of Two Scoops on May 15.*