Radness from Ed Templeton's creative world.

Radness from Ed Templeton's creative world.

This week we’re all about Huck 45 – The Ed Templeton Curated Issue. Artist, photographer skater and documentarian of California street culture Ed Templeton took the creative reins and filled a very special issue with the DIY makers, creators and innovators from Ed’s world. After months of hard work to make it happen, we can finally share it with you and we are stoked!

A Sneak Peak Inside the Issue

Huck 45 Playlists

We’ve got a series of playlists to put all the music and video we still haven’t worked out a way of squeezing into printed matter. Lee Kaplan of Arcana Books curates a selection of vintage tunes, the Deadbeat Club‘s influences and inspirations are collected in one place, Deadbeat photographer Grant Hatfield provides his own personal favourite virals and shorts from the interweb (including the gem above) and we’ve got a playlist for the issue as a whole, including skate videos, documentaries and short films.

Check out Huck’s Playlist Archive.


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