The best from the last seven days in Huck, featuring an unplugged performance, Filmme Fatales and Lisbon life.

This past week the Huck crew buckled down, putting the finishing touches on next issue, which we can’t wait to share with you. Between restorative rounds of tea, coffee and beer and fine-tuning to our deadline playlist, we also took in some soulful indie, discussed the best surf films, pored over Melbourne movie mag Filmme Fatales and explored Lisbon life. Here are a few of our favourite stories from the past seven days.

A Capella: New Music Series

London R&B, reggae and neo-soul artist Juliette Ashby helped Huck launch a new music series “A Capella” with an exclusive a cappella version of her song ‘Over & Over.’ Unplugged and unbound, she puts her voice to the true test.

Outsiders Krew

Street artist Seb Touissant and photographer Spag showed us Share the Word, a project where they work with people in marginalised communities, bringing colour to their neighbourhoods with street art.

Surf Film Euphoria

Approaching Lines, a new festival in Cornwall that took place April 24-26, 2014, and staged by London Surf Film Festival organisers Demi Taylor and Chris Nelson gave us a chance to review trailers of some of the best surf films of the past year. How many have you seen?

Filmme Fatales

Rookie mag and The Good Copy writer Brodie Lancaster gave us a tour of her labour of love, Filmme Fatales — and shared the inspiration behind the hip celebration of women in film.

Lisbon Life

Huck also explored some of Lisbon’s different facets. First with photographer Sara Paiva Carvalho’s snapshots of the small moments that are entry points into Portugal’s largest city. Then filmmaker Basil da Cunha took us further off the beaten track and into the Creole community of Lisbon’s Reboleira ghetto, the subject of his new film, After The Night.

Stay tuned this coming week as our Show Your Work series continues and we reveal what’s coming in the next issue of Huck (and how you can pre-order) — along with some clues on where we’re going next in the world of DiY culture.