Winter's waning. Scan these stories, back away from the screen and get outside with the confidence you know what you need to.

Winter's waning. Scan these stories, back away from the screen and get outside with the confidence you know what you need to.

The cold, dark winter months are coming to an end and there is actually light in the day. It’s a time to say goodbye to winter and welcome in the spring with open arms. March is just and the corner and it feels like it, too.

It is once again okay to venture outside without gloves, scarves, hats and any number of woollen items you may have. This creates a dilemma: how are you going to keep up with everything you should know when you’ve left your computer at home?! No sweat, we got your back. The weekly bite-size guide to everything Huck over the last week is back so you can catch up before you head out.

Oh, and thanks for reading.

1. Is Zambia Africa’s new skate hotspot?

You didn’t know that Zambia had a skate scene? Follow the story of Elijah Zgambo, a Zambian skater, from moving to Russia with his mother to bringing skating culture to a country where it was non-existent.

2. Are mushroom boards the future of surfing?

With surfing taking its toll on the environment, one workshop is taking matters into their own hands. Steering away from synthetic materials, they prefer to use a more ‘organic’ approach to boardmaking that you won’t be familiar with.

3. Aleksandra Zee: Bay Blood

San Francisco is home to the super talented Aleksandra Zee who creates amazing wooden installations. She breathes new life into her materials taking discarded wood and turning it into something beautiful.

4. What makes an epic landscape photograph?

We asked loads of questions this week but that’s what we should be doing, am I right?! The 100 Mile Radius competition asks the question: how good can nature look? Stuart Pilkington reveals how your lense can capture the incredible.

5. Cameron’s ‘bro’ chat reveals how out of touch he is

Big Dave never gave the impression that he was cool. Fortunately, he’s been kind enough to eradicate any lingering doubt anyone may have had. Michael Fordham is sick of this shit so he wrote something about it.

6. Is this the trippiest skateboarding music video ever?

7. Women in skateboarding

Gender bias is a bad thing. It’s a bad thing in life and it’s a bad thing in sport. C’mon guys, let the girls shred.

8. That awkward moment when everyone finds out a 13-year-old girl wrote your best quote

While there’s nothing wrong with a 13 year-old-girl exploring her creativity and inadvertently creating one of the tumblr generations biggest catch phrases, there’s a lot wrong with plagiarism. John Green, who was attributed with the quote, took it in good humour, others can be a bit darker with it.

9. Can a skatepark transform a community?

See: ‘Is this the trippiest skateboarding music video ever’.

10. The Bots

Punks from California make a real racket but they can’t get served at the bar. Who cares? These kids have got it all.