Warming up for Catalonia's premier music festival in Barcelona, Spain.

Warming up for Catalonia's premier music festival in Barcelona, Spain.

A summer mix to get you hyped for Primavera 2014, kicking off Europe’s festival season in Barcelona, Spain.

Warpaint – Keep It Healthy
LA’s daughters of angelic mood pop light up the night in this new video from their new record featuring a bunch of pro skaters including the UK’s own Rob Smith.

Slint – Breadcrumb Trail
The mysterious subjects of Lance Bangs’ iconic new documentary, Slint have regrouped for a number of reunion shows that will channel the raw energy of their Louisville punk into explosive and nostalgic sets.

Blood Orange – Chamakay
Solange and Sky Ferreira have benefitted from his 80s-inspired Prince-like songwriting, but it’s in his own project Blood Orange that Dev Hynes unleashes his biggest bangers like this cocktail classic Chamakay.

Caetano Veloso – Um Abraçaço
Sometimes referred to as South America’s Bob Dylan, Caetano Veloso pioneered the cultural phenomenon of Tropicália in Rio, Brazil, and was exiled from the fascist-run country for three years for creating a bohemian music and culture of political dissent.

The Growlers – A Take Away Show
Costa Mesa surf rats The Growlers are the perfect soundtrack to your post-shred beach beers. In this video from Blogotheque, documentarian Vincent Moon captures the psychedelic sun bums in all their good vibes glory.

Primavera runs May 29 – 31 in Barcelona, Spain. Visit their website for more information.