The golden years of punk, hip hop and skateboarding.

The golden years of punk, hip hop and skateboarding.

Photographer and cultural archivist Glen E. Friedman is coming to London to launch MY RULES, his new book comprising the best work from his previous titles FUCK YOU HEROES and FUCK YOU TOO presented in new and enlightening ways.

The exhibition – which runs November 21-January 18 at 14 Henrietta St, a gallery in Covent Garden – will feature many of the most iconic characters in the history of skateboarding, punk and hip hop including Run DMC, Black Flag, LL Cool J, Minor Threat, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, Tony Alva, Jay Adams and Stacy Peralta.

With over 50 colour and black and white fine art photographic prints – many of which have never been exhibited before – and some audio installations with the likes of Ice-T, Ian MacKaye and the late Jay Adams, the exhibition looks set to be an immersive trip through the golden years of US counterculture.

Which is something, perhaps, to feel nostalgic for as contemporary youth migrate from the pit into a SIMS-like existence.

Chatting to Huck in 2007 Glen said: “It wasn’t like I was an outsider wanting to shoot these things. I was involved in these scenes. When you have these voyeurs coming in to shoot this certain thing because it’s hot or it’s what the young kids are doing, it’s fucking lame. They may get a good shot now and then, but do they really feel it?”

Find out more about Glen E. Friedman’s new book on his website.