Sartorial Stories is a new series that dissects style in different communities. First up; new London musicians.

Sartorial Stories is a new series that dissects style in different communities. First up; new London musicians.

Sartorial Stories is a new series that dissects style in different communities. First installment features up-and-coming London musicians that include rock trio Happyness, guitar troubadour John Smith, cinematic pop duo Crushed Beaks, the mellow sounds of Emily and the Woods and songstress Eva Stone.


Born and bred London boys Happyness (pictured above), have only been together for eight months, but have already recorded an EP and are currently working on their first album.

Each band member took early inspiration from different places – Bob Dylan, Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley to name a few. The boys ardently label Sparklehorse as their primary band influence and tip Son of Stan – a Los Angeles based artist – for big things.

Catch Happyness on tour in February.

Happyness wear jacket and t-shirts by Carhartt WIP (far left and centre respectively) and shirt by Brixton (far right).

John Smith

John Smith

Liverpool-based John Smith started playing music when he was five. He started on the piano, moved to the drums and eventually graduated to guitar with rock and roll ambitions. Citing Barry Cooder, Nick Drake and Bert Jansch as early influences, John was probably always destined for folk. And in true troubadour fashion he recommends his good pal James Vincent McMorrow’s latest offering, Mastadon for their relentless technicality and the last Iron and Wine record for the partnership between Sam Beam’s guitar and Brian Blade’s drumming.

Check out John’s current single Great Lakes.

John wears shirt by Brixton.

Crushed Beaks


Matt Poile from London duo Crushed Beaks met his drummer Alex Morris while they were both studying at Goldsmiths.

Matt’s earliest memorable influences came from the music his dad was listening to: Blur and Pink Floyd both stood out. In stark opposition, Alex draws influence from underground techno. They meet somewhere in between listening to the likes of Wolves in the Throne Room, a black metal band with a technical but atmospheric sound.

Right now, Matt’s listening to a lot of FKA Twigs, old Mechandise records and a lot of Crushed Beaks demos to get his head into the right space going into the studio next week.

Check out Crushed Beaks on Soundcloud and keep an eye out for the forthcoming album.

Matt wears shirt by O’Neill.

Emily and the Woods


Emily Wood started playing guitar because she wanted to be able to play lots of Bob Dylan. Her dad, a jazz musician, had a big influence on her early encounters with music introducing her to Joni Mitchell, Marvin Gaye and James Taylor.

Right now, Emily’s listening to The Internet a lot; “I just think that Dontcha is such a great single,” she says. When asked to explain her music Emily succinctly describes it as “alternative pop beats stuff”.

Catch Emily and the Woods on tour in April.

Emily wears cardigan by O’Neill and boots by Timberland.

Eva Stone


In spite of living in London for the last two-and-a-half years, Eva Stone says home is “anywhere there’s open spaces and the sea.” Inspired by Eva Cassidy, she started singing at the age of 12 and began writing at 17.

As well as drawing inspiration from art, film and trips – such as Vienna last year – she recognises Bon Iver, Regina Spector and BB King as a huge influences on her music. At the moment, she’s listening to fellow Geordie singer songwriter Sam Fender and Hertfordshire-based, Rhodes.

Eva wears jumper by Finisterre and shoes by Vans.