Huck celebrates and explores independent culture — people and movements that paddle against the flow.

We publish news, profiles, interviews, reportage and photo essays across digital and print. We also commission original documentaries and films.

How do I pitch a story?

Get acquainted with Huck. We’re constantly on the lookout for inspiring stories from the counterculture frontlines – from grassroots activism to youth subculture scenes. Please refer to the website and recent issues of the magazine before you submit your idea, for examples of the stories we publish and the Huck tone of voice. Feel free to reference an archive story when pitching.

Zero in on your angle. Stories with a clear newsworthy angle will grab our attention first. Please state this clearly in your pitch, including any key dates and events that provide a newsworthy hook.

Keep it short and sweet. But don’t scrimp on details. Condense your pitch into a single paragraph. Keep in mind: Who or what you would like to cover; Why you are keen to cover them now; How you will go about gaining access; When you would be able to deliver the piece. What makes you right to take this on.

Send ideas not stories. Huck commissions and publishes original content. Please don’t send completed stories. If a version of your story has been published elsewhere, please state that clearly and tell us how you would make a new story unique to Huck. We want to build your story with you and collaborate.

What kinds of stories are you looking for?

News: Reactive pieces with original reporting that comment on current news. We cover creative culture, grassroots activism and social change that impacts our generation. Access to authentic voices is a must. Who will you speak to? What angle will you take? Journalism from the bottom up.

Profiles: Interesting characters shaping independent culture today – artists, filmmakers, photographers, skaters, surfers, independent doers of all kinds. (Delivered as written-through pieces and Q&As.) Why should we cover them now?

Travel Diaries: Photo essays from personal trips that also offer an insight into the issues affecting local communities (online only).

Opinion: Strong perspectives pegged to current news, delivered in under 750 words (online only). How quickly can you turn this around?

Reportage: On-the-ground reporting covering social protests, underground scenes and emerging youth subcultures. What access do you have?

Documentary photography essays: Visual storytelling that shines a light on social injustice and champions creative counterculture. We’re especially interested in underground scenes. Please consider accompanying text and include information about what access you have to the subjects, so that we can commission original journalism to accompany your images.

I’m a photographer, how do I get in touch?

We are lucky and grateful to be inundated with requests from photographers who want to work with Huck. But we’re still always looking for good ideas.

The best way to kickstart a relationship is to send story ideas, not just an introductory email. Describe the stories you have access to and attach a few lo-res images of your work.

Please do not send unsolicited WeTransfer files, large zip folders or huge attachments.

I’m a writer, how do I get in touch?

Drop us an email anytime – but please include story ideas from the get-go and links to recent clippings.

The sooner we can understand what you like to write about, the sooner we can collaborate.

I’m a filmmaker, how do I get in touch?

Huck commissions original films and documentaries which we produce and edit in-house. We are however open to co-producing films with independent filmmakers.

If you have a story idea that you’d like to be considered for our slate, please send your idea before production is underway. Include a brief treatment (no more than a single page) and details on access and timings.

Completed projects that have already been published will unfortunately not be considered for a Huck release.

What are your terms?

Please refer to our terms and conditions before undertaking a commission for Huck. Contact your editor if you have any questions.

Who should I email?

Send your pitch to the relevant person below.

Acting Editor
Cian Traynor
(Print Features: Reportage, Photo Essays, Profiles)

Digital Editor
Dominique Sisley
(Online news and features)

Associate Editor
Niall Flynn
(Online news and features)

NB: While we do our damndest to reply to every writer and photographer, the volume of submissions means that it is not always possible to do so. But if you refer to these guidelines and tailor your pitch to Huck, we’re confident we’ll get a story rolling in no time at all.