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In partnership with Reebok — For the past four weeks, we’ve followed the Liverpool running crew as they look to take things to the next level. A new film tracks that journey – while looking ahead to an exciting future.

During lockdown, Nadeem Freeman started the 2Step Collective with a simple goal in mind: to create a running crew – a culture – where everyone felt welcome.

Fast-forward to the present moment, and the Liverpool-based collective now serves as a thriving community. It goes way beyond physical movement, too. 2Step is a multifaceted family based on mutual support, solidarity and friendship. Running is just the beginning.

In Collectivity, an editorial series created in collaboration with Reebok, we’ve joined Nadeem and co as they look to grow the movement even further. Over the past four weeks, we’ve followed them as they’ve linked up with experts from the worlds of fitness, nutrition and mental health, learning more about the key pillars that 2step interacts with.

Track their journey in the film above.

Collectivity is an editorial series produced in collaboration with Reebok. View more stories from the partnership.  

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