Meet Mick Ives — With 81 national championships to his name, Mick Ives is Britain's most decorated cyclist - and at 75 he has no plans to stop pedalling.

“People ask me when I’m going to stop racing, or even cycling, and I have no plans to do so,” explains 75 year old racing cyclist Mick Ives. “Cycling is just my life. It would be a shame if I have to stop riding or even racing, but eventually that’ll happen, I’m sure.”

Since he first pulled on his racing jersey in autumn 1956, Mick has never stopped competing. After six decades in the saddle, he has 81 national championships of varying disciplines to his name – more than anyone else in the country – and still gets out the lycra to go training, come rain or shine.

The Oldest Racer is the last of three short films by James Callum and Alex Knowles in their Over Achieving Pensioners series, which aims to prove that older people can still be active and enjoy all the benefits that sport brings to life. It’s made possible through Prime & Fire Selects – an annual competition that supports emerging filmmakers to make short documentaries on interesting people in the action sports world.

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