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In partnership with Squarespace — As part of Creative Resilience, we’ve collaborated with Squarespace for a special edition of Skill-Up. In this new episode, illustrator Laurene Boglio teaches you how to make your own animated gif.

Illustrator Laurène Boglio has worked with them all. She’s been tapped by The Guardian, The Washington Post, the BBC, even Taylor Swift, but it’s her work as the Art Director of our sister publication Little White Lies that we’re most fond of.

In a special edition of Skill Up – created in partnership with Squarespace – the French-born Brooklyner tells us about how she got her break and let’s us in on her passion for making unsettling animated gifs.

Laurène takes us step by step through the process of creating these gifs so you can follow at home by facing up to her own particularly Gallic nightmare – the bises.

Check out the episode above.

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