Alfred Bobé Jr's street speed playlist

Alfred Bobé Jr's street speed playlist

Pedal to the metal — Cycle messenger and alleycat champion Alfred Bobé Jr is one of the fastest men on two wheels. Here are five videos about hitting the city at high velocity.

With his starring role in Lucas Brunelle’s alleycat documentary Line of Sight and unprecedented five victories in NYC’s Monster Track alleycat race, cycle messenger Alfred Bobé Jr might just be the fastest man in the city on two wheels.

“Now when I’m putting myself out there I feel like a Shaolin monk, but when I first came out I had a lot of anger and that translated into my style of riding, which was really on the edge, taking a lot of risks,” he explains in Huck Fiftieth Issue Special. “It was somewhat borderline psychotic.”

In respect to Alfred’s bicycling prowess, here are five videos that celebrate urban cycling.

Monster Track XVI

In which Alfred claimed his fifth MT title.

Making it all look easy

Ahead of his fifth Monster Track win in 2015, here’s Alfred on why no-one can get close to him.

Red Hook Crit

As the Red Hook Crit rolls into London this weekend, this video from the Brooklyn event explains how its become the world’s biggest underground cycling event.

Line of Sight

The film that helped make Alfred a household name.

London messenger culture

A job that once had the lowest life expectancy in the UK attracts a diverse crowd. Here are some of their stories.

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