Ashley Macomber

Ashley Macomber

Studio Sounds — Fine artist Ashley Macomber shares the music that reverberates around her LA studio.

LA artist Ashley Macomber makes delicately textured renderings of feminine forms and animals, in dusty balletic hues, underwear pinks, creams and lacy blacks. Except for a book collaboration she did with musician Bonnie Prince Billy in 2012 (Afternoon, Black Tent Press), she never puts men in her art; just femme subjects who almost always exist in contrast, juxtaposed against bricks, their softness hidden behind masks, or bound by ropes. In Macomber’s world, womanhood must always contend with something menacing and impersonal.

In this playlist, Ashley shares some of her favourite music with Huck.


Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend

This is the video I go to super late at night after a bottle of wine. Her dancing is next level. I love Robyn, she is pop music at its best.


Michael MacDonald & Grizzly Bear – While You Wait for the Others

Michael MacDonald just gets better and better for me as I get older and older, but sometimes it’s a little dated, so this is an epic collab that makes everyone sound better.


Zola Jesus – Seekir

I love everything she does, I couldn’t even figure out what song to pick cause I am a mega fan.


Solomon Burke – Don’t Give Up on Me

A great love song for difficult people.


Antony and the Johnsons – Fistful of Love

This is probably my favourite song of all time. It’s such a sweet build up and I am a sucker for a saxophone.

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