A depressingly accurate spoof — Comedy group Mother's Best Child and online magazine Don't Panic team up to a produce a video that exposes warmongering politicians and token festive philanthropy in one swoop.

As well-intentioned as the Geldof-fronted Christmas charity single ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ may have been, it exposed something systemic about Europe and America’s attitude towards Africa: that it is in need of saving from itself.

Well now the song’s been appropriated by comedy outfit Mother’s Best Child and political online magazine Don’t Panic to expose something systemic about Europe and America’s attitude towards the Middle East: that is is need of saving from itself via airstrike campaigns.

The song, which features world leaders Cameron, Putin and Obama, and world joke Trump, advocating the bombing of Middle Eastern countries in festive cheer, comes shortly after Britain joined the other countries in committing to airstrikes against ISIS in Syria.

Many in the anti-war movement are extremely sceptical about how effective airstrikes can be in actually destroying ISIS, who exist largely among innocent citizens, and also worry that international support of airstrikes will help facilitate countries like Syria and Russia in their mission to eradicate all resistance to Assad in the region. Just this Sunday at least 43 people, mostly civilians, were killed in what is believed to be a Russian airstrike against the rebel-held city of Idlib in northwestern Syria.

For many this video will seem extremely on point when considering Europe and America’s knee-jerk reaction to the Paris Attacks on Friday November 13 and their eagerness to rush into wars they have no idea how to finish. Also, Putin in a camp cowboy hat is dead funny.