Burger Records

Burger Records

Cassette Store Day Pop Quiz #3 — Sean Bohrman of Burger Records celebrates the tape in the run up to Cassette Store Day this Saturday, September 27.

Launched just last year by a group of UK cassette label owners including Steven Rose of Sexbeat Records, Matt Flag of Suplex Cassettes, and Jen Long of Kissability, Cassette Store Day is raising its game this year, September 27, with a ton more releases and a US branch run by American cassette aficionados Burger Records.

In the run up to the big day, this Saturday, we’re asking some of the diverse Cassette Store Day artists to tell us about their favourite cassettes and explain what the humble tape means to them. Third up is Sean Bohrman from Burger himself.

Cassette Store Day Pop Quiz #3

What’s the first cassette you owned?
Van Halen, 5150.

What was the last cassette you bought?
Nelly, Country Grammar.

What’s your favourite cassette ever?
Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Nigga Please.

What’s the best cassette artwork you’ve ever seen?
I have the 3D LA Guns Hollywood Vampires tape in front of me that has tiny little 3D glasses that come with it.

What’s the best mix cassette you ever gave/received?
DJ Kid Slizzard, For The Weed Smokers – never ever gets old.

Why are cassettes awesome?
Because we can listen to them in our van.

What cassette release are you most looking forward to this store cassette day?
Various Artists – Psicotrópico: Dispatches from the Puerto Rican Psych and Experimental Underground (Discos Diaspora).

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