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In partnership with EA Sports FIFA 22 — In Common Goal, we’re following the stories of Stonewall FC and Fans Supporting Foodbanks – two organisations using the beautiful game to transform the communities they represent for the better.

Modern football is unrecognisable from its humble origins. But, amid the change and rampant commercialisation, one thing has stayed true: the fans. 

The beautiful game has always been bigger than the pitch that it’s played on. As a unifying force, a connector of people, it is unrivalled. It can engage and leverage communities all over the world, uniting them under a singular banner. 

In Common Goal, an editorial series created in partnership with EA Sports, FIFA 22 and Playstation, we’re spotlighting two organisations who are doing just this. 

In London, there’s Stonewall FC, the country’s most successful LGBTQ+ football club, who are working to ensure that football remains inclusive for everyone – regardless of who they are. 

In Liverpool, we spotlight Fans Supporting Foodbanks, a joint initiative between supporters of local rivals Liverpool and Everton FC which sees them unite to tackle food poverty in the city that they share. 

While both groups differ in their activism, their overarching ideologies remain entangled. It’s about using football as an incredible force for good. 

Watch the film above. 

Look out for more from our Common Goal series, produced in collaboration with EA Sports FIFA 22. 

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