The bike racing knees-up for have-a-go-zeroes

The bike racing knees-up for have-a-go-zeroes

Dirt Quake USA — Welcome to a world where anyone brave — or foolish — enough can race any motorcycle on an internationally-renowned dirt track.

Dirt Quake USA is the blue collar motorcycle sport of flat track, viewed through the shot glass binoculars. It is an English take on an American sport, exported back to America. It’s everything you might expect a motorbike racing event not to be. The emphasis is on the simple joy of the ride.

The idea is simple: Motorcycle racing can be expensive and exclusive, daunting and dangerous. Dirt Quake is none of those things. Well, except dangerous.

Dirt Quake encourages the no-hopers, feckless and bewildered to race their own street motorcycle on an internationally-renowned dirt track oval. Any bike will do. Categories include inappropriate road bikes and choppers, even classic snowmobiles.

If you have a proper race bike, or much of a clue, this isn’t really for you. You can race plenty of other times during the year.

Dirt Quake USA is for race virgins and have-a-go zeroes. It is promoted by Portland’s biking honeypot, See See Motorcycles and UK-based Sideburn magazine (recently included in Huck’s 50 inspiring stories)

The second Dirt Quake USA takes place June 20-21, at Castle Rock, WA.