The art show exploring self-worth in the 21st century

The art show exploring self-worth in the 21st century

Am I Making Sense — A new exhibition brings together the work of Shon Faye, Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee and Ruth Ossai in an immersive celebration of identity.

A new exhibition dedicated to exploring coping mechanisms in the 21st century is opening in London this week. Titled Am I Making Sense, the group show focuses on how young people have turned to ideas of spirituality in order to process ideas of self-worth and positive thought.

Curated by Ashleigh Kane and focusing on the work of three artists – Shon Faye, Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee and Ruth Ossai, in collaboration with Ib Kamara – the show opens to the public on Friday 3rd November at the Hoxton Arches. Encompassing photography, film, set design, and “subtle sensory elements”, Am I Making Sense is an immersive celebration of self, which sees each of the aforementioned exploring an affirmation that is personal to them individually. The exhibition is the third in a series of collaborative events as part of the newly formed Melissa Collective, courtesy of Brazilian show brand Melissa.

Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee – model Kelly

“I was drawn to working with each artist because while their output, aesthetics and execution are different, their works are centred by identity,” Kane explains in a statement. “Each fearlessly embraces alternative perspectives informed by their diverse experiences and desires to push representation forward.”

“By working with each of these artists, I hope to reach people who might be experiencing those feelings or questioning their own sense of self. We know our heads can be a scary place, but the idea of working with affirmations is the notion that that same mind can also be an important tool to help steer things in another, more positive, direction. I’ve never underestimated the power of positive thought and hope that through these artists being brave enough to tap into their own insecurities about their identities and turning them into moments of strength, other people can relate, and ultimately do so too.”

Ruth Ossai – Ejatu Shaw_ Josiane Pozi_ Funmi LijaduElizabeth Gabrielle Lee – model Azura

Am I Making Sense is open to the public at London’s Hoxton Arches on Friday November 3rd, 2017.

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