Following the media circus on the general election campaign trail

Following the media circus on the general election campaign trail
Hacks on tour! — Following every mediocre politician was an army of bored and tired journos.

Election campaigns are long, tiring slogs. Sure, it’s smiles and power-stances during the short pieces to camera, but for most politicians having to go through the rigmarole of actually speaking to their constituents and the wider electorate is nothing short of a massive pain in the arse.

But it’s not just those battling it out for a seat in Westminster who spend weeks on end living out of a suitcase and on cereal bars, Monster Munch and service station coffees alone. For every rally, speech, interview and policy announcement reception there is an army of journalists, reporters, producers, photographers and crew vying to hear whispers down a forgotten about microphone, ask that difficult question, take a photo that would make Farron, May or Corbyn look like they’re a bit of a dick.

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You might not see the media itself on the broadcasts and bulletins, but don’t be fooled into thinking that they aren’t actually there.

Huck photographer Theo McInnes spent weeks following our overlords around the UK once the snap election was called, but it wasn’t just the politicos who caught his eye. From swanky hotels to the drab city centre of a town in the middle of the Midlands, he captured the mundanity, the monotony and the occasional moments of magic that characterised the general election campaign.

On the most part though, he just took photos of political editors looking a little bit bored. Either way, enjoy!

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