Hundreds take to the streets for silent Grenfell Tower vigil

Hundreds take to the streets for silent Grenfell Tower vigil

‘Never forget’ — Three months after the disaster, and on the day of its official public enquiry opening, survivors and mourners make another moving call for justice.

Last night, hundreds of people descended on the streets of London to mourn the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire. The moving demonstration, which was entirely silent, took place exactly three months after the tragedy, with participants marching for justice in and around the Ladbroke Grove area.

According to organisers, the march was held to ensure justice was brought to the 80 people who lost their lives, as well as to the victims who fled the disaster. “Three months ago today, the fire that tore down Grenfell Tower is probably enough to ruin most communities in this country,” said one of the organisers yesterday. “It didn’t do it to us, we haven’t let it do it, we’re three months in now and this is just a sign to show we will never, ever, ever let it go until we feel that those from Grenfell and the surrounding community have the justice that we all deserve.”

So far, only two families who escaped the fire have been moved into new homes, with 150 others still stuck in temporary accommodation. This is despite Theresa May’s claims that everyone would be rehoused within three weeks of the June disaster. An official enquiry, which hopes to lift the lid on the fire’s cause and response, was opened yesterday – though survivors reportedly have little confidence that they’ll be given the answers they deserve.

See images of last night’s march, courtesy of photographer Theo McInnes, below.

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