HUCK 42 – The Improv Issue

HUCK 42 – The Improv Issue

  • Text by HUCK HQ
Out Jan 10! — Inspired by former Sonic Youth frontwoman Kim Gordon and her new improv band with Bill Nace, Body/Head, HUCK 42 is dedicated to all things spontaneous and free-flowing.

In the new issue of HUCK we catch up with former Sonic Youth frontwoman, artist, filmmaker, author, actor, designer and all-round pioneer of punk Kim Gordon and her avant rock partner in crime Bill Nace as they promote their new Body/Head album Coming Apart.

“If everything’s going well, you’re on this ride, and you’re taking the audience with you, somewhere, but you don’t know where it’s going.” –Kim Gordon, HUCK 42

Inspired by Kim and Bill’s intuitive approach to creating, HUCK 42 unearths some of the artists, musicians, skaters, surfers activists and writers working and living in improvisational ways.

The world is in a constant state of flux. Stay nimble. Keep moving.

HUCK 42 features:

Kurt Vile
Dreamy Philly musician fresh from his collab with graffiti artist ESPO.

Alex Knost
Alt surf star and his beach punk band Tomorrows Tulips.

NYC Skate
Allen Ying and his five borough crew take a lo-fi approach to documenting east coast culture.

Romania’s Lost Boys
Street kids and the Bucharest tunnels they call home.

Douglas Coupland
Author, artist and cultural theorist famous for the iconic Generation X book is joining the dots between wolves and bobcats to get some psychic refuge from this fast-changing world.

Wolf Eyes
Detroit skate rockers kicking about their DIY hood.

Mazen Kerbaj
Lebanese cartoonist channelling a wry take on life in Beirut into hard-edged comics and bomb-fuelled jazz.

The New New Dehli
Handpainted signs, reggae and tattoo art in New Delhi, the capital of India’s cultural renaissance.

Improv People
Sound-making, art-jamming, rap-spitting, skate coaching doers shying away from choreographed creativity to make it up as they go along.

Rad Bodies And Heads
Special section curated by Kim Gordon and Bill Nace featuring musicians Ikue Mori, Jake Meginsky and Michael Morley, writer and No Wave archivist Byron Coley and Argentinian auteur Lucrecia Martel.


Spike Jonze
Kevin Lyons
Frontside Gardens
Elisa Routa & Route 66
Montreal folk
Stacy Adams & The Brownstone Cowboys

And more…

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