Huck 43 - Street Photography with Boogie

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Huck 43 - Street Photography with Boogie
Out March 9! — A celebration of spontaneous street stills, caught on the fly in the shadows of city life, featuring Serbian street shooter Boogie.

In Huck 43, we wander London with street photographer Boogie and steal a peek through his gritty lens on life. Born in Belgrade, and made in New York City, Boogie has found his way into the darkest corners of society – from gang haunts in Kingston to crack dens in Bed-Stuy – amassing an archive of images that are impossible to look away from or ignore. Here, in an exclusive interview on his first visit to London, the Serbian shooter talks us through his rise to street photography notoriety and fame.


These Streets Are Mine
A street photography special featuring the sharpest shooters in the game, including Open City author and perpetual flâneur Teju Cole and London’s David Solomons.

Black Lips
The Southern punks are back with a brand new album and a bunch of new stories from their subterranean travels.

The biggest badass in rap is also a mellow fellow with a soft-spot for jazz.

This Is DIY
Brand new series celebrating the radness of independence kicks off with the UK’s beloved Death Skateboards and Jo’burg indie label Iapetus Records.

William S. Burroughs
You may know him for his mind-bending books, but his experiments with photography were more warped than his words.

Egypt Now – A Post-Revolution Special Report
History has them down as the Twitter Revolutionaries, but what became of the voices of Tahrir Square? Huck heads to Cairo to meet the bands, street artists and subculture-starters living in a post-Mubarak world.

Start-Up Barcelona
Introducing the solution to Spain’s economic woes: rad shop owners and resilient entrepreneurs who refuse to be bullied out of business.

Andrew Kidman
The surf filmmaker finds a new definition of progression with his dreamy new offering, Spirit of Akasha.

Danny Clinch
He’s photographed everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Tupac Shakur, and now he’s ready to reveal the stories behind the stills that mean the most.

As well as…
City Gardens NJ
Ethiopia Skate
Brian Gaberman
India Skate
Phil Zwisjen
And much more…

Huck 43 is out March 9, 2014. You can pre-order a copy in the Huck shop, get a year’s subscription for just £22 or pick it up at your local newsstand.

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