Huck 66: The Attitude Issue

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Huck 66: The Attitude Issue
Out now! — This issue is all about determination – to reject the status quo, to rise above the noise or just to forge your own path in life.

Attitude is the fastest route to self-empowerment. It’s the force that shapes our reality, the fuel that drives our dreams, the border line that maps our future.

It’s not something that can be bought; you can’t learn it overnight. But once you’ve found the right mindset, no one else can ever take it away.

Join us as we celebrate the people and movements redefining rebel culture in 2018…

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Skater Lacey Baker by photographer Bryan Derballa
Lacey Baker
As a game-changing talent with an unapologetic voice, Lacey Baker’s defiant approach to the skate industry hasn’t always made for the smoothest ride. But now that her determination is paying off, it finally feels like she’s in the right place.

Queen B by photographer Theo McInnes
Queen B
Becky Evans is carving out a space for young women in car culture: a new generation of petrolheads ready to stamp their style on a scene that once seemed off-limits.

Peckham BMX riders by photographer Samuel Hicks
Peckham BMX
After starting out with just an abandoned track to call home, a penniless BMX club in South London went from being laughed at by rivals to producing some of the world’s best riders… although they’re not ready to give up a reputation as scrappy underdogs just yet.

Indian bodybuilders by photographer Mark Leaver
Standing Tall
India’s bodybuilding boom has revealed the aspirations of a new generation: young men willing to turn their backs on tradition and compete for a better life, even if it means sacrificing everything.

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Filmmaker Desiree Akhavan by photographer Abbie Trayler-Smith
Desiree Akhavan
After winning the top prize at Sundance for a coming-of-age film about LGBT teens, Desiree Akhavan has battled self- doubt to realise her dream as a director. But in a medium with few opportunities for outsiders, she knows success is never straightforward.

Venezuela youth
Venezuela Youth
The crisis in Venezuela has changed young people’s lives forever. Yet whether they choose to leave or stay put, the scope of their ambition remains the same – no matter how tough things get.

Cycle Zombies by photographer Sean Martin
Cycle Zombies
As a fun-loving crew who bring old motorcycles back from the brink, the Stopnik family have come to define an alternative image of Californian cool: bikers who surf, skate and know how to get the most out of life.

Riding Wild
Aniela Gottwald is trekking across the American wilderness – on horseback – to campaign for better environmental protection. But having battled hardship along the way, the 26-year-old has discovered a sense of resilience she didn’t think was possible.

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Skate Kitchen by photographer Amy Lombard
Skate Kitchen
Skate Kitchen is an all-female crew running the streets of NYC. Now that a new film is poised to share their story with the world, they’re on a mission that feels much bigger than skateboarding.

Post-truth Photography
Photographer Max Pinckers has crafted a portrait of America in the fake news era. Pulling from staged scenes, media coverage and original interviews, he shines a light on a country fixated with its own mythology – one where anyone can shape their own reality.

Desolation Center documentary
Desolation Center, guerrilla gig-makers
After police kept thwarting LA’s punk scene, a 20-year-old fan decided to put on a series of gigs in the desert. When bands like Sonic Youth, Minutemen and the Meat Puppets signed up, it turned into a DIY spectacle that paved the way for Burning Man.

Clapton FC Ultras
Clapton Ultras
In a corner of East London, a grassroots movement is helping football rediscover its soul. But in a bid to preserve one team’s tradition of inclusivity, fans are being forced into a move they never imagined: forming a new club of their own.

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Coalition Snow Jen Gurecki by photographer Charlie Shoemaker
Coalition Snow
After seeing a shortage of women in the outdoor industry, Jen Gurecki launched the only ski and snowboard gear made by women, for women. Now known as the Beyoncé of snowsports, she’s determined to grow a sisterhood of shred.

Nothing band
Philly rock band Nothing have braved a tough road – from death and beatdowns to prison and scandal – but now that they’ve reached their apex, frontman Domenic Palermo is making peace with chaos.

Molly Crabapple
Molly Crabapple
Artist and journalist Molly Crabapple has been challenging those in power since her sketches of the burgeoning Occupy Wall Street movement gave way to an unparalleled run of humanised reporting. She talks us through the ways we can all bring about positive change.

Fantastic Negrito
After eating out of garbage cans and hustling through music school, a car crash nearly killed Xavier Dphrepaulezz. Then he reinvented himself as Fantastic Negrito, winning a Grammy in the process. Now, having bypassed the gatekeepers, he feels ready to save the world.

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