Ilona Jäntti

Ilona Jäntti

Things That Inspire Me — Ilona Jäntti uses video and animation to push her circus performances to the next level.

Pioneering Finnish aerialist Ilona Jäntti reaches back into circus’ rich tradition of storytelling for inspiration, then throws in cutting edge video, animation and props like bikes or fireworks to take her performances into uncharted territory.

She will be performing short scenes from two of her works A Pony Is A Small Horse and Ride in her hometown of Helsinki at the awesome arts and music festival Flow, 8-10 August.

Huck spoke to Illona to learn more about the influences that find their into her ground breaking act.

Things That Inspire Me

Harbours, Wastelands, Building Sites

David Lynch - The Factory Photographs

David Lynch – The Factory Photographs

My grandfather was a raftsman and my grandparents lived by the river, where there was so much to explore. Spliced and knotted ropes, weather-beaten boats, abandoned and broken rigging and mooring equipment, bits of wood that the water had made all smooth and it was impossible to tell what they once had been. I’ll never get tired of harbours and the boats and all the gear there – huge beautiful objects that have a practical purpose.

Sports Photography

Alexander Abaza - Gymnasts

Alexander Abaza – Gymnasts

Everything from Alexander Rodchenko’s and Alexander Abaza’s iconic images to any photos on paper’s sports pages. Years and years of endless physical training and repetition crystallised in single frame.

Joana Vasconcelos – Jardim do Éden

Stepping inside the work was extraordinary. I saw it in London at The Haunch of Venison and was lucky enough to spend a long time in the room alone. You forget the world exists. It left me completely disorientated – not seeing the floor makes you feel like you’re stepping through it.

Galveston – Never Ask Why

I randomly came across the track about a month ago and haven’t been able to stop listening to it since. Currently my constant training companion.

Catch Ilona Jäntti at Flow Festival, Helsinki 8-10 August.