Introducing Huck 80

Introducing Huck 80

Presenting the Power of Words issue, featuring a cast of talented artists, creators and politicians pushing beyond the boundaries and fighting for a better world.

Welcome to Huck 80: The Power of Words Issue.

It has never been more important to have strong, independent voices speaking truth to power and fighting for justice. Whether it’s challenging authoritarian regimes, exposing war crimes, combatting powerful AI, writing books and songs or simply communicating with each other, humanity needs human words.

As a bi-annual magazine, Huck documents a snapshot of time. The conversations you’re about to read took place in the summer - when the world was a very different place. But words have a way of living on. They resist and resurge. Even when we feel on the brink of decay, words – and the stories that they weave – can be endlessly, magically reborn.

Take our cover star, Ziwe. When she reflects on how learning to listen taught her to look beyond black and white, her words give new meaning to the landscape of fear that’s dividing communities. When drag superstar Bimini Bon Boulash and MP Nadia Whittome call out the media for weaponising words, it’s as if they’re exploring the bias, silence and disinformation that is more prevalent than ever. Likewise, cult podcaster Blindboy Boatclub explains how even in the 12th century those in power were using propaganda to justify invasions.

Elsewhere in this issue you’ll be able to find interviews with London MC Blanco, American viral sign language phenomenon Amber G and Nigerian rapper Teezee as well as thoughtful ruminations the vital need for human led journalism for the people by Ilana Kaplan. Features on the Village Voice, Black Country type, street artist Foka Wolf join a photo essay on the secret queer language Polari.

Words have power. Your voice does too. We urge you: use them wisely.

Huck 80 is out now.

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