Photos from yesterday’s Justice for Rohingya rally

Photos from yesterday’s Justice for Rohingya rally

Stop the killings — In Myanmar, hundreds of Rohingya people are being raped, tortured, and killed in reported military attacks. Now, London protesters are calling for intervention.

Despite getting minimal coverage in most mainstream media, there’s been a major humanitarian crisis unfolding in Myanmar. The Rohingya people, who are based in the nation’s Rakhine state, are currently being massacred in their hundreds by an onslaught of brutal military attacks. According to reports, they are being raped and tortured by Myanmar soldiers, with their homes being broken into, raided, and burnt down.

The Rohingya people, who are mostly Muslim, have faced systematic discrimination due to their uneasy relationship with Myanmar Buddhists. As a result, the nation’s government has done as much as they can to deny their citizenship; cutting their access to medical assistance, education and curtailing their freedom of movement. And now, if recent refugee reports are to be believed, this discrimination has taken a much more sinister, serious turn.

In London yesterday, a group of protesters descended on Whitehall to urge for greater international intervention against these attacks – attacks which, according to the UN, are at risk of turning into “ethnic cleansing” (though the Myanmar government has been swift to deny these accusations). Photographer Theo McInnes headed down to Whitehall to capture the action.

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