LeeAnn Curren

LeeAnn Curren

My Life in Music — Surfer and lead singer of Betty The Shark LeeAnn Curren shares the soundtrack to her life.

Betty and The Shark are an indie-rock band based in Biarritz, France. Here, lead singer and Roxy surfer LeeAnn Curren sums up the good times and the bad times in a selection of eclectic songs.

What song best sums up your youth?

What’s the first song you associate with your journey in surfing/music?

What is your all-time favourite shred/making song?

If you’re feeling down what song lifts your mood?

Best mellow/relaxing/chill-out song?

What song gets you and your friends pumped to go out?

What song would you play at your wedding?

And your funeral?

You got a good break-up song?

What song do you most associate with home?