Huck x Samsung — Let Manny Lopez and Daryl Dominguez take on a night-time tour of the capital with Samsung’s new all-conditions phone.

The latest episode in Vice’s new The Night series – which explores stories of active people like surfers and skaters who operate at night – hones in on London skaters Manny Lopez and Daryl Dominguez as they cruise through the iconic night streets.

The two skaters, who have a history of skating together despite moving through different crews over the years, take on some spots across the city – from the more gritty lines in East to the glossy ledges of the city – and share some insights into what makes the place so special. “The spots are rough,” acknowledges Daryl, “but I really enjoy it. I think that’s the beauty of skating in London, it is challenging but people are beginning to recognise that all over the world. Some of the skaters are coming out of England right now.”

The film also showcases the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – a camera phone that is able to “capture the perfect moment in all conditions” – and shows the skaters using it to film lines in super low light. The S7, which is water resistant, also features a larger expandable memory to store a volume of photos, video, music etc., making it the ideal tool to document an active life.

The previous The Night episode follows Cornish surfer Alan Stokes during a dusky evening surf on a semi-deserted beach.

Watch all The Night episodes.

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