Surf scores: Soundtracking the waves with CJ Mirra

The Monday Mix — The composer, known for his dreamy and evocative surf film soundtracks, shares his Monday mix – featuring tracks from Nils Frahm, Colin Stetson and Boards of Canada.
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For the latest Monday Mix, CJ Mirra stirs up the spirit of the surf with a selection of atmospheric classical and ambient tracks.

The London-based musician is known for his lo-fi, ethereal soundtracks, which he composes specifically for surf films. His music, which combines cinematic guitar with orchestral, neo-classical compositions, transports listeners around the world; taking them from the wild, treacherous shores of Scotland and The Faroes, to the biting bays of Iceland.

Mirra’s first album, STATIC – Original Surf Soundtracks Vol.1, is released this week, and features over four years worth of these soundtracks. “The light, the landscape, the size of the waves and colour of the water all had an influence on the sound,” he says of the compositions, which have featured on several award-winning short films.

Like his own tracks, the mix serves as an evocative, ambient trip – fusing songs from Nils Frahm, Colin Stetson and Boards of Canada. “This mix has been put together in a similar way to how I think about writing the soundtracks,” he tells Huck. “There’s an image in my head of a certain shot, a certain wave or location or even the light from some of the films I’ve worked on to match each track. When you’re out in these remote locations listening to music certain sounds blend into the scene around you and become part of the landscape.” Listen in full below:

SITRA – ‘Enter The Moss Garden’
OKLOU – ‘Lurk’
Nils Frahm – ‘More’
CJ Mirra – ‘The Lost Weekend (Acts II, III)’
Colin Stetson – ‘Between Water and Wind’
Tim Hecker – ‘Bijie Dream’
Chris Watson – ‘Oceanus Pacificus’
Kara-Lis Coverdale – ‘Grafts (excerpt)’
CJ Mirra – ‘Destroy Us / Headache OST’
Boards Of Canada – ‘Tears From The Compound Eye’

CJ Mirra’s new album, STATIC – Original Surf Soundtracks Vol.1, is released on April 6. He will also be touring Europe through April and May.

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