A trippy adventure through the mountains of Oman

A trippy adventure through the mountains of Oman
The Travel Diary — Photographer Tara Biglari documents her journey through the deserted countryside of Oman: an unspoilt paradise on the Middle Eastern coast.

Culturally rich and topographically unique, Oman is a hidden gem in the heart of the Middle East. Often overshadowed by the high-rises of Dubai and Doha, the country’s immense beauty remains intact.

I was drawn there by my lack of knowledge of its people and traditions, supported by rumours that it boasts good rock for bouldering. My friends and I rented a car in Muscat and begun exploring immediately, encountering villages full of curious kids, driving through dust devils and marvelling at desert mirages.

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The most profound memories were not necessarily of the breathtaking landscapes, but of the people. Potentially the friendliest people as a whole, Omanis are quick to help, offer words of encouragement and smiles whether atop treacherous, 2,000-metre high roads or in roadside Karak (tea) shops.

Virtually everyone we encountered left a lasting impression: from Salam who led us a rock pool in Wadi Bani Khalid, to the sweetest grandmother who gave us a plate full of oranges and date jam in Kubrah Canyon, to Nasir who made us traditional cardamom coffee in Um’q-Bir. (According to Nasir, everything must be done in threes, so there was no possibility of having less than three cups of coffee.)

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What I miss the most is waking up at sunrise to hundreds of goats crossing our campsite, constantly pulling over for the unparalleled deliciousness that are chicken shawarmas, gazing at the Milky Way a stones throw from the Arabian Sea, and finding the mythical Valley of Giants where local kids helped us climb the unearthly boulders that encompass their garden.

I can only hope that Oman stays unspoiled for the sake of preserving its undeniable charm – and at the same time I remain astounded that nearby countries receive eons more visitors per year. Either way, Oman is unlike any other place I’ve been to, and I know this trip was the first of many to come.

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