• Text by HUCK HQ
Make a movie with Robert Rodriguez — Get involved in the next chapter of Two Scoops, a comic-book thriller from the Sin City director.

Robert Rodriguez and BlackBerry‘s user-generated movie-make-a-thon, Project Green Screen, continues this April. The Sin City director’s new comic-book thriller, Two Scoops, is semi-finished and divided into three acts, and invites YOU to throw your ideas into the creative mix.

The film is centred on two lead protagonists, twins Lola and Lucia, who run an ice-cream truck in a town where people are being abducted by an unknown ‘thing’ – and they just so happen to be monster hunters in their free time.

Wanna be a part of Two Scoops?

In Act One, we asked you to download the Two Scoops script and film yourself acting it out for a chance to win a starring role, as well as submitting your photos to appear on a missing townsfolk poster in the film. In Act Two, we asked you to dream up a weapon for Lola and Lucia to wield in their battle against the ‘thing’ that’s terrorising their hometown.

Now it’s time for Act Three and the final opportunity to play your creative part in the project.

Act Three: We’re asking YOU to invent the monstrous ‘thing’ that Lola and Lucia are gonna be taking on.

What is this ‘thing’? Supernatural fiend, a scientific creation gone wild or something so crazy words won’t even do it justice? And what in particular makes it so terrifying?

Be super original! Create a picture of this behemoth – be it anything from a simple sketch to a detailed design – and upload it to the Keep Moving Projects website.

If Robert likes your idea he’ll create it in his post-production studio and spawn it to life in the final film. Your submissions will be hosted on the Keep Moving Projects website for the world to see.

*Update April 17: Submissions are now closed but stay tuned for more documentaries from Robert Rodriguez and BlackBerry, as well as the release of Two Scoops on May 15.*