London still hates Donald Trump

London still hates Donald Trump
We really do — With Bigot-in-Chief Donald Trump still looking set to be treated to a royal welcome to the United Kingdom, protests erupted inside and outside Parliament last night.

As MPs in London debated whether Donald Trump should be afforded a state visit to the United Kingdom in Parliament yesterday afternoon, thousands of protestors gathered outside in Parliament Square to once again say no to his bigotry, and demand his invitation as a guest of honour the Britain be revoked.


Just a matter of weeks ago tens of thousands of people brought the capital to a standstill, gathering on Prime Minister Theresa May’s Downing Street home with the very same message, and last night the momentum continued. Some, May included, may well have hoped that time would temper public opinion, but as his presidency continues in all its racist, bigoted shame, so too is the grassroots resistance against him on both sides of the Atlantic.


Organised by the Stop Trump Coalition and campaign group One Day Without Us, performances, speeches and chants went on late into the evening, and plans are in place to ensure the pressure continues to grow.

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