Origins — Huck meets genre-busting artist Ahmed Gallab and explores his Sudanese roots during a show in Hackney, East London.

“Not having any connection to where I was prompted a lot of questions,” muses Ahmed Gallab aka Sinkane. “Who am I? Where am I from?”

Ahmed’s nomadic childhood culminates in sound: an uplifting wave of ambient beats that channels all the complexity of his East Africa/Utah/Ohio multi-textured origins.

Following stints as a session musician with Yeasayer and Caribou, Ahmed is now making his own statement as Sinkane, a four-piece that’s ostensibly a solo project – and a vision that’s as dynamic as his nomadic start.

Huck caught up with Ahmed at his show in Hackney, East London to explore his personal and musical roots.

Check out Sinkane. Pick up The Origins Issue to learn more about Ahmed Gallab’s nomadic roots.