My Life In Music — David Pajo from fabled underground rock band Slint shares the music that means most to him.

Barely anyone noticed when underground rock band Slint disbanded in 1992, but over the last two decades the band have developed mythical status.

Their 1991 masterpiece Spiderland has been credited with kicking off the post-rock movement and they’ve influenced bands from Pavement to Mogwai.

Cult filmmaker Lance Bangs even turned the band’s incredible story into documentary The Breadcrumb Trail.

Before Slint play at the awesome Flow Festival in Helsinki, August 8-10, we caught up with David Pajo to hear the songs that shaped his life.

What song best sums up your youth?

Minor Threat “Out Of Step”. It’s a very adolescent thing to do, but I always seemed to do the opposite of what everyone else was doing.

What’s the first song you associate with your journey in skateboarding/art/music/whatever?

Black Sabbath “Children of the Grave” That song used to scare me as a kid, which started a lifelong fascination with fear.

What is your all-time favourite shred (process) song?

I’m not sure what you mean, but I used to love that live Alcatraz album!

What song would you play to get the band stoked?

Maybe an old Maurice or Void riff.

What song would you play at your wedding?

Probably Arvo Part’s “Spiegal Im Spiegal”. I would play piano.

And your funeral?

Maybe Motorhead’s “Killed By Death”? I really don’t know… that’s a difficult question.

Catch Splint at Flow Festival, Helsinki 8-10 August or on tour throughout the summer.