Solange announces new art show in Marfa

‘Texas peeps, pull up!’ — ’Scales’ will be held in October, in the same field as Donald Judd’s famed installation ‘15 Untitled Works in Concrete.’

Solange has announced that she will be performing a new, site-specific art piece this October. The project, titled ‘Scales’, will be held in Marfa, Texas, in the same field as the famed Donald Judd installation ‘15 Untitled Works in Concrete’.

The singer shared the news in an Instagram post yesterday evening. In the caption, she admitted that Judd’s “phenomenal” work had had a “profound influence” on the way she viewed the world. “I am beyond honoured,” she wrote. “Texas peeps, pull up!”

via @saintrecords / Instagram

via @saintrecords / Instagram

Although there’s currently very little information circulating about performance, it’s likely to be linked to her 2016 album A Seat At The Table – a record which was widely seen as one of the most profound and politically charged of the year. The singer has taken to performing stark visual extensions of the album, taking over New York’s Guggenheim in May with the interdisciplinary tribute “An Ode To.”

Like the album, “An Ode To” was sharply political – with Solange using performance and dance to celebrate the power of black women. “Inclusion is not enough,” she declared after the Guggenheim show. “Allowance is not enough. We belong here. We built this shit.”

Scales will be performed at Marfa’s Chinati Foundation on October 8th.

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