Prison tattoo guns, Fake IDs and bullet-proof backpacks — New York City’s Mmuseumm helps visitors make sense of the madness of modern society through its curated selection of cultural ephemera.

“Recent years have certainly been alive with beauty and horror, great invention and destruction,” explains the anonymous recorded voice that guides visitors through New York’s City’s Mmuseumm. “And the artefacts of today’s world found between the cracks of our communities are the physical embodiment of contemporary humanity.”

Nestled in an alley in Lower Manhattan, Mmuseumm is perhaps the world’s smallest museum. The converted elevator shaft plays host to a rotating selection of cultural flotsam and jetsam, curated to help viewers make sense of the mystery and madness of life today.

Objects on display have varied from fake IDs and NYC tip jars to items Dr. Robert Insley has removed from his patients in Chatham, Massachusetts and Stefan Ruiz’s collection of prison-made tools and artwork.

“Intimate illustrations, honest proof… contemporary artefacts,” according to our invisible telephone guide. “What we consider our cultural DNA, to more richly illustrate humanise and understand this modern world.”

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Find out more about Mmuseumm, 4 Cortlandt Alley, b/t Franklin St & White St, New York City.

Film by Nicolas Heller – @NuevaYorkNico. Music by Falside.