Svrf Pvnk Invitational

Svrf Pvnk Invitational

Why I Do What I Do — As French wave-rats The Switched Kick Out Surf Syndicate get ready for this year's Svrf Pvnk Invitational in association with Rhythm, we ask founder Juan Lagarrigue to explain the event's renegade roots.

The Svrf Pvnk Invitational is an annual event in Hossegor, France, organised by local wave-rat collective The Switched Kick Out Surf Syndicate (Skoss) and cool clothing cats Rhythm to celebrate surfing in all its trippy glory.

This year’s installment on October 12, the second-ever in the DIY event’s little history, will include a fun competition in Seignoisse – where competitors are encouraged to ride in all manner of weird get-ups – as well as a pop-up skatepark by Globe, a tattoo roulette with two local artists, bands (Black Luna and The Pneumonias) and a DJ set (Caroline France from Kap Bambino) for the after party at beachside Cream Café.

The Svrf Pvnk Invitational is touted as ‘the masked beach madness of all time’ and ‘a night that most certainly can and probably will give you memory loss or a major euphoric breakdown’, so we caught up with key organiser Juan Lagarrigue (Skoss) to find out why he does what he does.

Svrf Pvnk Invitational is a pure celebration of laughing and shredding – taking away all the seriousness that today brings inside or outside the water. It’s a crazy idea that came out of the mind of Crille and members of the Skoss. We realised after few beers it was possible to do it.

We were just bored about everything in surfing and all the surfing clichés. We wanted to create an event that was like us; an event that makes people smile and is just good times between people who share a good spirit. Surfing between guys who love sliding together (yeah it’s little bit gay I know).

I don’t know if Svrf Pvnk will have an impact. I think so many people are doing something like us – maybe two guys lonely in Bretagne, a crew of surfers in Australia etc. We are not alone with this spirit and with this love of monkey business.

I think Svrf Pvnk is a way to say, “Hey guys you are not alone come on show your monkey business and the fun you can have in the water and your way of life through surfing, skateboarding, music, art, whatever…”

Current landscape?
I’m nobody to judge the surf scene in Hossegor or to give a advice about it. You have so many different ways to surf, so many different characters. It’s really hard to explain. But I think people are having less and less fun in the water and that’s a problem.

The Svrf Pvnk Invitational is nothing without all the small hands who help us to organise it. Thanks to Crille for supporting us and all the people who help us organise this beautiful mess haha – Electric, Desillusion, Globe, Salt, Dark Seas, Woodiart, AU92, La Petite Boutique Vintage, 18-55, 53Mondays.

Call To Arms?
People should come down because there are normally many surprises organised. There’s a caravan for tattoo artists, a skatepark in front of the Cream Café by Globe, a Burlesque Show, hand-made trophies and more.

Let us finish this edition and we will see after! But we really want to evolve this event and try always to create something new. Let’s see what crazy idea will come out for the next show!

I really hope people will enjoy and have fun at this new edition. It’s an event made with love, we really want to share good vibes.

The Svrf Pvnk Invitational 2013 takes place at Seignoisse beach in front of the Cream Cafe on October 12.