Skateboarding meets CGI - and it’s not shit — Joywave’s surreal new music video for ‘Somebody New’ breaks the golden rule that skateboarding and special effects should not mix.

When skateboarding meets special effects, it’s usually cringe-making.

Shredding already looks great on film – there’s no need to crank the “cheesy epicness” dial all the way to 11 with some cruddy CGI.

But Rochester band Joywave have thrown out the rulebook with their awesomely surreal video for ‘Somebody New’, shot by Keith Schofield.

Perhaps it works because it’s clearly so tongue-in-cheek. “We wanted to look like we were great at some physical activity, so CGI was the only option,” the band told Stereogum. “For the first time, we had the means to create an alternate universe in which we were actually good at something.”

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