The trippy skate art of Thomas Campbell comes to life

The trippy skate art of Thomas Campbell comes to life

Huck x Element — Thomas Campbell’s work has been transformed into wild shaped decks, clothing and more, in a new collaboration with Element.

Thomas Campbell has come full circle in his meandering artistic voyage, returning to his skate-centric roots in a new collaboration with Element.

The Wompus collection is focused on the strangely amorphous, vaguely humanoid figures that have populated T.Moe’s work throughout his career. The figures, drawn out with the artist’s signature squiggles, doodles and colourful use of line and type, wander freaky and free over a selection of weirdly shaped decks, tees and other objects produced by Element.

Campbell began his career as a skate photographer and editor, in 1980s California. From his artistic aerie, high in the hills above Santa Cruz, he has continued to send tweaked dispatches to the points of articulation between skate, surf, music and art.

T.Moe’s madly textured body of work has encompassed everything from embroidered textiles, to lacquered conch shells and some of the most atmospheric and eclectic wave riding captured on film. There’s something instantly recognisable, singular and uplifting about the things he makes and there’s a beautiful symmetry to T.Moe bringing it all back home with the Wompus collection.


The collection is comprised of oddly shaped skate decks, featuring T.Moe’s trademark amorphous doodles, as well as really cool tees, caps, totes, patches and long sleeve tees. Our favourite piece though is a particularly steezy white coach jacket, which encapsulates the whole ethos of the Element artist collaboration. It is, in other words, totally tweaked. Just like the artist and the brand that created it.

Find out more about the collaboration here.

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