Red Bull: That One Time — As part of Red Bull's new animated series where people tell their stories, surfer Rob Bain remembers the Indonesian tsunami of 2006.

In 1994, professional surfer Rob Bain and his crew went to film in G-Land, a famous surf break on the Indonesian island of Java. They knew something wasn’t quite right, but they went anyway. One of the team, Neal Purchase Jr., decided not to go at the last minute, and his intuition proved to be right.

The island of Java was hit by a tsunami, submerging the crew underwater and leaving them struggling for their lives. No lives were lost at the G-Land surf camp, but over 200 people perished further west, where three villages were almost entirely flattened by the tsunami.

The second episode in Red Bull’s new series of animated shorts, That One Time, is directed and animated by Luis Stockler, and gives Rob the platform to tell his incredible story.