UK rapper Dizraeli is crowdfunding anti-homophobia record

UK rapper Dizraeli is crowdfunding anti-homophobia record

Support new single 'The Depths' on PledgeMusic — Dizraeli & the Small Gods call for donations to get into the studio and promise to share proceeds with Stonewall.

“It is insane to us that in 2014 homophobia is still rife,” announce UK alternative hip hip group Dizraeli and the Small Gods on their PledgeMusic page to fund the recording, release and music video for their new single ‘The Depths’.

An acoustic version is available online but the band claim the finished article will be “a bumping hiphop track infused with outstanding weirdness. Think Bjork meets J Dilla, and you’re just about circling the turd. It’s also an exploration of homophobia, masculinity and the crookedness of a society where people are still hated for the way they love.”

Dizraeli is no stranger to the DIY approach, self-recording his first solo record in a squat in Lewes in 2009, and not afraid of broaching political and other controversial issues in his music.

With this latest release Dizraeli & the Small Gods are confronting homophobia – an issue rife in some corners of the hip hop world – in their own engaging style and donating 20% of all money raised beyond their funding goal to Stonewall, who campaign tirelessly for equal rights for lesbian, gay and bisexual people.