Into the studio with T.moeski — Thomas Campbell’s funny and playful bronze sculptures have found their way onto a new series of boards in Element’s Perspective Series.

“I formed these sculptures with lots of different random shit,” explains artist Thomas Campbell.

In honour of his bronze sculptures making their way onto a selection of boards in Element’s Perspective Project, Campbell invited a film crew into his Northern California studio to reveal how they’re made.

An Element advocate for the last five years, Campbell is a filmmaker, photographer, surfer and artist, whose handmade aesthetic defines everything he does. Subverting the ancient art of bronze sculptures with humour, Campbell’s irreverent creations will appear on boards for Nick Garcia, Ray Barbee, Evan Smith and Madars Apse.

“The concept of this project was sparked from the idea that by bringing my bronze work into the board series, it would provide an access point to other forms of art, and the possibility of others being inspired to make shit and be creative,” Campbell explains. “To balance out the graphic action, I got to lay down some hand styled lettering, and best of all, got to hand pick my favourite shredders on the team to do graphics for. Stoked.”

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