A tribute to one of the smartest TV shows of all time — Bay Area artist Elliot Lim's new take on The Wire's intro reminds us the show is still as relevant as ever.

Missing HBO’s The Wire? Check out this quick animation Elliot Lim designed and edited for his favourite show.

Featuring a bluesy version of the show’s opening theme ‘Way Down in the Hole‘, sung by The Blind Boys of Alabama, the video takes you through the tough streets of Baltimore. It’s full of angular lines and weird perspective flips.

The Wire aired 2002-2008 and was written by David Simon. The show centres on the War on Drugs in the U.S., with each season looking at a different institution and its connection to crime, law enforcement and the drug trade.

With an eye to police corruption, race, and political spin, the show has taken on a new life since Black Lives Matter, the death of Freddie Gray, and mass protests in Baltimore.

Check out more of Elliot Lim’s work.

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