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Subverting stereotypical images of Africa

Sometimes Viviane Sassen is referred to as an artist; sometimes she is referred to as a fashion photographer. She manages to maintain a magical position somewhere between the catwalk and the art gallery, without compromising on either creative integrity or the defining characteristics of the collaborating fashion house. The Dutch photographer’s practice consistently features shadows, colour,… Read more »

Meet Subset: The street art collective taking back Dublin

There wasn’t much of a fuss when a 40-foot mural dedicated to the grime rapper Stormzy first appeared on the outset of Dublin’s Smithfield Plaza in March 2017. Erected by the art collective SUBSET ahead of a string of shows that the rapper was set to play in the capital, it became a local hit… Read more »

18 photographers capturing the way we live now

In the new millennium, photography has been democratised en masse, inviting all comers to create an image that can speak a thousand words in all languages at the same time. In the new group exhibition, The Way We Live Now, currently on view at Aperture Gallery, New York, 18 artists from around the globe explore… Read more »

A look inside North Korea’s ‘socialist fairyland’

Decimated by bombs during the Korean War, the city of Pyongyang was completely rebuilt in 1952. Kim Il Sung, the first Supreme Leader of North Korea, imagined the capital as a grand stage set replete with majestic axial boulevards, anchored by Herculean monuments to the power structure. Although some of the earlier designs used Soviet… Read more »

A haunting portrait of life in post-war Mosul

This year I’ve been working on a photography project with Save the Children, looking at the lives of children in three conflict zones. We tend to look at wars as individual events – I’m interested in looking at the themes across them. For children, war is particularly damaging. As well as physical injuries, loss of… Read more »

Inside the UK’s most radical indie publishers

Brighton based Myriad Editions is that rarest of beasts: a publisher that not only pushes the boundaries of what can be said, but also how we go about speaking. They produce new ways of seeing the world, through graphic novels, extraordinary fiction, explorative non-fiction, and even atlases. After a recent partnership with New Internationalist, Myriad… Read more »

Ten stories of people who revolutionised skate culture

Piss Drunx: The legendary skate crew lucky to be alive In 1998, a mob of young skateboarders descended on an ordinary street in Huntington Beach, California. Spread across four apartments, they quickly gained notoriety not only for their on-board antics, but for embracing a lifestyle of excess. The Piss Drunx, as they came to be… Read more »

The secret anarchist mecca hidden in the California desert

Just 153 miles of San Diego, there’s a large sprawling encampment, fashioned from the rusting vehicles and the dusty detritus of the Sonoran Desert. Slab City, as its affectionately known, appears something out of an apocalyptic Mad Max film set. “It’s a place always balancing between heaven and hell,” says the photographer and film-maker, Laura… Read more »

Celebrating 150 years of the female gaze

Although women photographers have not received the same recognition or opportunities given to men in the field, their achievements over the past one 150 years are now being celebrated in Into the Light, a group exhibition featuring the works of Julia Margaret Cameron, Barbara Morgan, Ruth Orkin, Arlene Gottfried, Kia LaBeija, and Emilie Regnier, among… Read more »