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Lessons in the street philosophy of Garry Winogrand

“I photograph something to find out what it will look like photographed,” American street photographer Garry Winogrand (1928-1984) famously said, revealing the fundamental principle of his philosophy. Through his lens, life was rendered anew, giving us a fresh perspective and vantage point for seeing the world. “The more interested you get in Winogrand the more… Read more »

Spiritual soundscapes: The global influences of Hatis Noit

Hatis Noit’s strange, spiritual lullabies are steeped in mysticism. It makes sense: the Japanese singer fell in love with music during a mountain trek through Nepal, where she stumbled across a female monk singing ancient Buddhist chants. It doesn’t really get more mystical than that. “The sound moved me so intensely, I was suddenly aware… Read more »

The fight to save Hong Kong’s underground music scene

In the southeast corner of Hong Kong’s Kowloon district, a dimmed warehouse sits on the second floor of a 25-storey building overlooking the deep waters of Victoria Harbour. From the outside, this subcultural space is rendered almost invisible to passersby – and it’s probably best to keep it that way. Upstairs, I meet the owner,… Read more »

Offbeat street scenes of vintage New York City

Steven Edson was just eight years old when he was blinded in one eye by a pebble thrown by another child. While recovering, his neighbour, who was also an eye doctor, gave him a camera and he began to shoot. He quickly fell in love with photography – a passion he shared with his father,… Read more »

The collectives taking on Poland’s right-wing uprising

“It sometimes feels like the medieval ages here,” admits Ignacy Hryniewicz, who co-founded Synergia, a Warsaw-based collective that promotes social engagement, with his girlfriend Katarzyna Korytowska. His statement echoes a sense of frustration that a lot of Polish citizens have been feeling over the last few years. Since the Law and Justice right-wing party won… Read more »

Revisiting Cynthia Nixon’s contentious views on sexuality

On Monday, Cynthia Nixon announced her candidacy for New York State Governor. The 24 hours that followed were a giddy deluge of Miranda jokes, and reiterating that it’s Sex AND the City, not Sex IN the City. Sadly, the fun of actually enjoying a political candidate couldn’t last. While there are plenty of people who… Read more »

How an old London bus is tackling the city’s gang culture

Last September, I was given the opportunity to take part in the new United Borders project – a youth programme based in North West London. Its aim? To help young people from two rival areas in Harlesden (Stonebridge and Church Road) come together through music. Justin Finlayson, the founder of United Borders, is a well-known… Read more »

Viewing sexual subcultures through a sociological lens

Buttholes, drag icons and phallic sculptures: just a few things to expect from Phile’s second issue, the biannual journal investigating sexual subcultures, trends and communities. The brainchild of Co Editor-in-Chief Erin Reznick and Mike Feswick, Phile – also billed as the ‘International Journal of Desire and Curiosity’ – is a reflection of the duo’s long-held interest… Read more »

Frankie Cosmos share their guide to New York City

Frankie Cosmos began in 2014 as the musical alter-ego of Greta Kline. Since then, the moniker has morphed from representing a solo persona to a fully-fledged four-piece. The associated sound has changed too – once a wagon for Kline’s lo-fi bedroom pop, Frankie Cosmos is now polished up, becoming more sophisticated and spirited with each… Read more »

Documenting Chicago club culture in the ’70s

A new exhibition at London’s MMX Gallery will celebrate the work of late American photographer Michael Abramson. The show, which opens on Wednesday (March 21), will focus specifically on his shots of Chicago nightlife in the ’70s – a collection which saw him capture the city’s underground funk, blues and early disco scene. Most of… Read more »