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A new exhibition celebrates the radical power of text in art

Crossing states in its realisation, Visual Language is a new bi-coastal exhibition that compels us to consider the function of words and their use in art – whether its to provoke, exclaim or manipulate. Set against the backdrop of the current US political climate of ‘fake news’, the show presents pieces of distorted truths and multiple realities…. Read more »

How digital life is distorting love, loss & emotional trauma

Silence sometimes feels like nothing at all. Every day we fire off a thousand texts that never get returned, conversations with friends or family or housemates or colleagues ebbing and flowing without much thought of who wrote last or what they said; digital small talk. When we desperately want someone to reply, though, silence begins… Read more »

Meet the stars of contemporary Hungarian photography

“It’s not enough to have talent, you also have to be Hungarian,” Robert Capa famously quipped, noting the impressive prevalence of his countrymen leaving their mark on photography throughout the 20th century. André Kertész, Brassaï, Martin Munkácsi, György Kepes, and László Moholy-Nagy are just a few of the artists who elevated the form and put… Read more »

The grandma helping Indian girls become martial art masters

“I first came across the South Indian martial art ‘Kalaripayattu’ some years ago,” recalls photographer Nadja Wohlleben. “Dating back to the 2nd century BC (Sangam period) and believed to be the mother of all modern Asian martial arts, I was instantly fascinated by this traditional fighting system.” For Wohlleben – who’s been training Shaolin Kung… Read more »

An eerie photographic voyage into the great unknown

Traditionally, Ultima Thule refers to strange, distant places that lie beyond our known world. As a concept, the term is mythical and mysterious, with ancient geographers using it as a descriptor for the “northernmost region” of the habitable earth. For Danish photographer Henrik Saxgren, Ultima Thule can be found in a sprawling, desolate region of… Read more »

Meet the activist leading Islam’s ‘sexual revolution’

Seyran Ateş has dedicated her entire life to activism. Ever since she made the decision to run away from her family home just months before her 18th birthday, Ateş has fought passionately to protect and advance the rights of Muslim women in particular. Over the last few decades, she has been attacked, smeared and threatened… Read more »

How surfer Keith Malloy built his own sustainable empire

The high street retail world is currently being forced through great change as the impact of online commerce’s purchasing power becomes reality. Leading heritage names are on the backfoot, and the word “sale” seems to have taken on a 24/7 handle.  Amongst all this tension is Patagonia, a brand loved by the young and old… Read more »

Georgia’s rave revolution, four months on

In the early hours of Saturday, May 12, 2018, Georgian Special Police units armed with automatic rifles stormed two renowned Tbilisi nightclubs, Bassiani and Café Gallery. Both Bassiani’s co-founders Tato Getia and Zviad Gelbakhiani were arrested, while dozens of clubbers were detained. The raids came after five drug-related deaths in Tbilisi just weeks before, which authorities… Read more »

Rewriting the history of black women in photography

In the new exhibition at Catherine Edelman Gallery, three artists present a series of vivid colour portraits of black men and women from around the world. The show then asks: How do you see me? It’s a simple, yet highly effective question that cuts to the quick. Not who, but how, is the issue at hand…. Read more »

Inside the UK’s most radical indie publishers

If you think you know where the boundary is, think again. OWN IT! is the boundary. Maybe OWN IT! is even beyond the boundary, sat firmly at the vanguard, doing things no other independent publishing outfit is doing. Described as a ‘storytelling lifestyle brand’, OWN IT!’s ambitions go beyond books, through music and digital innovations,… Read more »

Surreal shots of modern Britain

As an artist or writer with print aspirations, the quest to get a book published can be long and often fruitless. Concepts too niche for mainstream publishers might stand in the way of bringing an idea to life, and there’s always the possibility of the next big thing simply not getting snapped up – remember… Read more »