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Huck presents Rule-Breakers: The Exhibition

Photography has the power to change how we see the world. But it’s at its best when it keeps moving forward and isn’t imprisoned by dos and don’ts. Enter a new generation of risk-taker: photographers who borrow from other realms, identifying as artists when ‘documentarian’ no longer fits the bill. Storytellers who blend fiction and… Read more »

Teen Londoners explore their identity through photography

A new show at London’s Autograph ABP gallery will celebrate the work of 16-18-year-old photographers currently based in the capital. The exhibition, titled Album: Where We Belong, is inspired by notions of “family, home, belonging, community, memory, and social and cultural identity.” The teenagers featured are students at the University of the Arts London, and have… Read more »

Skate filmmaker French Fred talks 30 years of breaking rules

As the free-spirited filmmaker behind seminal videos such as Menikmati, Bon Appétit and Sorry, French Fred (real name: Fred Mortagne) has been making skating look good for over 30 years now. Fred grew up living, breathing and consuming all things skate amid the livewire Lyon scene. Accomplished on the board himself, Fred’s work – a… Read more »

Seeking adventure in the heart of the Lake District

The Kendal Mountain Festival, happening this year in the beautiful Lake District town between November 16-19, is drawing together the best films, speakers and tech presentations for one of the most important cultural events of the outdoor calendar. Celebrating a diverse mix of arts and covering the wide genre of outdoor culture, the festival provides… Read more »

Belle and Sebastian want to solve your human problems

Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian is sat on a bus, slowly making his through a damp Glasgow morning. Though it’s hard to put your finger on why, there’s something oddly fitting about the idea of the soft-spoken frontman sat on the top deck, peering out into the grey as raindrops line up to race… Read more »

Surreal snapshots of Canadian city life

Winnipeg is small, isolated, funny, crusty and sort of cool in a down-on-its-luck, life sucks kind of way. The city is cheap and accessible, and the arts community is friendly and supportive. I love my cats. I’ve felt the need to leave the city since I was a teenager, but it still hasn’t happened. I… Read more »

Backstage with the trans stars of fashion week

At New York Fashion Week, the progress that trans and drag communities have made in the last decade is palpable. Thanks to shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race, these lifestyles – once confined to the margins – have now been catapulted into the mainstream. But the fight for equality is far from over. In the last year,… Read more »

Surfer James Parry on being at one with the water

James Parry embodies the Cornish surf scene. Known for taking to the water with effortless guile, you wouldn’t bat an eyelid if told that the British surfer was riding waves before he could walk. In truth, Parry didn’t take up surfing until his early teens, when his family moved down to the South West from… Read more »

A night on the town with LA’s queer Vaqueros

Santa Monica Boulevard is one of Los Angeles’ most fabled thoroughfares, running West from Silver Lake, through Hollywood and Beverly Hills all the way to Ocean Avenue, just off the Pacific. “There are different areas on Santa Monica that have different flavours,” photographer Sean Maung, an LA native, explains. “When you say ‘Santa Monica Boulevard,’… Read more »

The blind recluse who became a secret synth pioneer

Not much is known about Pauline Anna Strom. A decade-old comment section belonging to an arcane online weblog that details obscure and out-of-print records is one of the most populated sources of information on the electronic musician. Archival interviews are treated with an almost biblical reverence, commenters issuing desperate calls in hopes of locating physical… Read more »

Rule-Breakers: Lessons in rebellion

As the old saying goes: the higher the risk, the greater the reward. In The Documentary Photography Special V, we celebrate the photographers who know that better than anyone. Unshackled from the constraints of rules and tradition, these maverick storytellers have set up shop in uncharted territories. They’re changing the game; rewriting the rule book…. Read more »