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Neville Southall: Twitter’s unlikely poet laureate

Twitter is Hell; a constant drip-feed of micro-information that nudges most of us further into an all-consuming anxiety with every in-joke, snide remark and racist tirade. The hope that its users had a decade ago – that it was a naturally creative medium, that the free movement of information would open up societies, that the… Read more »

A day in the life of professional snowboarder Sparrow Knox

Sparrow Knox was 10-years-old when he first started snowboarding. Inspired by his three older brothers and their collective, habitual tendency to try and out-do one another, the dry slopes very quickly became a de facto day care centre for the Knox family, as young Sparrow spent as much time as humanly possible honing and perfecting… Read more »

The photographer documenting life with schizophrenia

Photographer Louis Quail was 12-years-old when he first learned that his older brother, Justin, had schizophrenia. While the latter was 20 – a young man – when he was first diagnosed, Louis was still only a kid; it was impossible for him to digest the extent of what he was being told. Today, he’s the… Read more »

The drag dance troupe turning ballet into an act of rebellion

Documentary filmmaker Bobbi Jo Hart has always been drawn untold stories. In the past, she has cast her lens over a series of impressive, influential women in the fields of sport and music. This year, she turned her attention to Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo (the ‘Trocks’) – an all-gay ballet formed in the aftermath… Read more »

The story behind The The’s enigmatic disappearance

For the past 15 years, Matt Johnson has been somewhat silent. As the frontman and only constant member of seminal English post-punk band The The, the 56-year-old has always cut a uniquely mercurial figure. When he stepped away from making music over a decade ago, it was somehow both entirely unexpected and, frankly, totally in-keeping… Read more »

Life in the secluded suburbs of Australia

In Wellard, a new photo book currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, Tim Palman turns his lens to the dreamy, deserted suburbs of Australia. The 21-year-old photographer has been living on the fringes of Perth for the last year, moving with his family to one of the region’s ubiquitous ‘private estates.’ These strange estates, which are all… Read more »

The rebel riders of the UK Dirt Track scene

Benedict Redgrove’s series on the UK’s Dirt Track Racing community, which was commissioned as the lead cover story for SPACES IN BETWEEN, situates the sport as a place where cultures collide. The look and feel of the scene settles “somewhere between B-boy and old school greaser.” “Ben photographs fighter planes and rocket ships for living but he’s is… Read more »

The secretive siblings creating beautiful, defaced artwork

Almost every picture created by Eddie and Charlie Proudfoot is an individual portrait with the face blanked out. They won’t say why. In fact, there are a number of things that the artist siblings choose not to disclose. They won’t be drawn on their upbringing, nor the individual spells in foster care, psychiatric hospitals and… Read more »

Inside the disturbing world of Italy’s exorcists

Deliver Us is a disturbing new documentary on the reformed practice of exorcisms, following Sicily’s most in-demand exorcist – Father Cataldo Migliazzo, an 80-year-old priest based in Palermo. The film revolves around a cast of several characters; from a woman housebound out of fear her demon will make her do depraved acts in public, to… Read more »

Pro-surfer Maud Le Car shares her guide to Basque France

“11 minutes to go with Maud Le Car up against Bailey Nagy,” comes the commentary from the judges’ tent. Anglet’s Plage de la Petite Chambre d’Amour is packed full with a home crowd. Photographers line the Rock Groyne, long lenses trained on the surf, whilst the groms suit up and stripe their faces with sun… Read more »